NAPS New CPC & CTS Reporting Cycle

At the fall conference, the NAPS Executive Board adopted certification program rule changes that amend the manner in which CPCs and CTSs report their continuing education achievements in support of certification maintenance. Effective January 1, 2010, staffing professionals holding NAPS certificates will be required to provide evidence of continuing education on an annual basis instead of the previous three year period.

The amount of continuing education required for certification maintenance will not change. Under the new plan, certificants will be required to complete 17 hours or 1.7 continuing education units (CEUs) annually and submit evidence of that achievement and pay a maintenance fee of $27 on the anniversary of the award of their certificate. Previously, certificants were required to complete 50 hours or 5.0 CEUs every three years.

Example: A CPC or CTS who earned his or her certificate in March would be required to submit their completed continuing education long and maintenance fee of $27 by the last day of March in the coming year.

Certificants can apply conference (national and state) participation, in-house training, distance learning, DVD, video and audio tape training programs and professional reading, as well as formal college and community college studies toward their continuing education requirements. Logs for reporting continuing education can be downloaded from the NAPS web site at .

Individuals seeking assistance in interpreting the new requirement or in determining the applicability of a specific continuing education experience are encouraged to email Dr. Frank Burtnett, NAPS Certification and Education Consultant at

CPC and CTS holders who need to identify their certification anniversary date should contact Carolyn Boyer at NAPS headquarters. She can be reached via telephone at 706/531-0060 or email at