Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Recruitment Professionals with Michael Phelps

Video recording of the January 4th, 2012 LinkedIn Training Seminar with Michael Phelps.  Below you can view the video recording.

Learn how to use Linkedin the Right way.

LinkedIn is the most powerful business building tool on the web today.  You may know how to use LinkedIn but do you have a strategy on how to leverage it?

Michael Phelps is a LinkedIn guru who has spent the past four or more years teaching and training recruiters and staffing professionals how to leverage the power of LinkedIn.  Join us on January 4th as Michael teaches us how to build a LinkedIn strategy that will help you leverage your existing connections, come up in more searches and how to grow your business.

“Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Recruitment Professionals”


•    LinkedIn Statistics for Recruiters
•    Advanced Profile Strategies for Recruiters
•    Pros/Cons of Paid Account Upgrades
•    Groups, Answers, Applications and Company Profile strategies for Recruiters
•    Advanced People Search Strategies
•    Live Examples of Sourcing for Real-World Positions
•    Wrap Up (Including Testimonials and Success Stories)
•    Q&A