Ask The Expert

If you had a crystal ball, so you could see which deals would successfully close, and which ones would end up as huge time wasters, would that be of value to you? Imagine the extra money you’d earn if you flushed out bad business as soon as possible! Not at the end; as soon as possible! We don’t have a crystal ball. But we do have the next best thing. It’s coming this fall in a new column called, “ASK THE EXPERT.”

You don’t have to ‘go it alone’, trying to figure out where’s the missing piece to the placement puzzle. Benefit from the experience of true recruiting experts. They’ve walked the walk, so they can talk the talk. Their experience has enabled them to develop effective strategies to rapidly recognize when things are derailing. They’ve learned to quickly process developments in a deal and interpret how and where it will affect you. They’ve devised key questions at critical points in the placement process to determine what’s really happening. They’ll help you learn how to listen, not only to what’s being said, but what isn’t.

If you’ve ever stared at the phone after hanging up from a candidate who’s just told you, “I’ve been thinking….. my manager just matched your offer, so I’m staying put… and oh yeah; please don’t call me anymore”, then you know the pain of disappointment.

You don’t have to hit every rut in the road to a placement. And you certainly don’t have to be at the mercy of either clients or candidates who turn  out to be major time wasters. Learn from the experts how to recognize the “I AM A PROBLEM DISGUISED AS A PLACEMENT”.

Improving your batting average is what Ask The Experts is all about. Pain is often the language of learning, but it doesn’t have to be. Through this column, you have access to real wisdom that will save you a lot of pain, if you choose to use it! Stay tuned for more details.

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