Don’t miss out on great Training from WAPS

In September 2011 we really got to know each other during the ComedySportz social event at Mo’s downtown Milwaukee.  Here we launched the “Ask the Expert” program that featured recruiter challenges throughout the year on

In November we went “Back to Basics” with Greg Doersching as he gave each of us a step by step process to earn the respect of clients and candidates through professional presentation of our services and the job opportunities we represent.  The manual and takeaways were priceless and sure to have been implemented quickly in many recruiting offices. 

In January 2012 WAPS sponsored Michael Phelps’ Advanced Linkedin Training for building your Linkedin strategy.  Invites and connections were sure to increase following this practical event on one of today’s leading recruiter resources. 

February’s webinar on Negotiation tactics allowed you to stay warm and have lunch with WAPS training at your own desk. 

March’s national trainer Scott Wintrip taught us how to Unbundle our services and Repackage/price them according to what our clients’ value and are willing to pay for. 

Breakfast at Johnny V’s in April allowed us to network with fellow WAPS members and share opportunities for business/splits. 

May brought us Broadlook’s Mike Tishcher for Advanced Internet Search during today’s tough candidate market and WAPS’ 2012-13 President, Mark Rowbottom to discuss ways to Avoid the Communication Breakdown by developing relationships, rapport and respect with clients and candidates.
We’re hopeful you’ll join us at WAPS’ 2012-13 programs.  If you’d like to suggest topics your firm is challenged with, please email WAPS Secretary and Program leader, Laurie Hyllberg at