Great Response To Jon Bartos!

Thank you Jon Bartos for encouraging the WAPS members to…
• Step up the Quality of our Job Orders!
• Pay attention to Metrics that = Success!

and for exposing us to…

• Generational differences that affect communication and recruiting
• Multiple ideas to double revenue now!

and for challenging us with…
• Our job order / placement ratio… We spend $ on every job order we work.
• The Contact Chart for adding 30% increase in revenue immediately: Go to 1) existing account – existing contact, 2) existing account – new contact, 3) existing account – CEO level, or 4) New account – existing contact!

WAPS looks forward to seeing it’s membership grow in 2013-14.  New Member Registration open right now!  See you for our kick-off tail gate at the Brewers Game…  August 21, 2013.