More on Jenifer Lambert Training! (Nov 14, 2012)

Jenifer Lambert will bring a day full of exciting training to us!  Recruiter, Speaker, Trainer Extraordinaire, Jen Lambert brings a fresh approach of proven techniques that will ELEVATE YOUR EFFECTIVENESS on the desk in this ever-changing recruiting business.

After rocking the NAPS convention with fantastic reviews, we are thrilled to bring her West Coast Offense (she’s from Seattle) to WAPS in November!  Hear her blueprint for success with themes from her very successful Recruiter Revival series!  Talk about engaging and timely topics, she’s here to talk about candidate recruiting and client development all in the span of one day.  Topics will include

The First 48 Hours – Critical steps to set the stage for your recruiting campaign for any position.  These steps separate the winners from everyone else.

Making it Rain – Want to be a rainmaker for your firm?  Hello!  You don’t want to miss these strategies!

Weapons of Mass Production, part 1 – Do you need to ask?  Here are secret weapons to make you successful!

Weapons of Mass Production, part 2 – Even more of the timely strategies she’s sharing!

Join us!  Its going to be fabulous!!!!  November 14, 2012.