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The Rowbo Show

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The Rowbo Show airs Thursdays at 4:30 pm on Riverwest Radio WXRW 104.1 FM

With Radio Talk Show Host
Mark Rowbottom, President of ROW

This is a show where I deal with careers and conundrums. Over the course of my long-tenured business I have influenced and helped thousands of people in their careers.

I’ve enjoyed this part of my work more than any other aspect – I love helping others! I have coached on everything from resume writing, interview preparation, giving your notice and the onboarding processes.

While doing all of this I have gained a library of knowledge. The biggest piece of knowledge has been every situation is a snowflake or unique. There is no template for the right answer or decision.

I deal with people-on-people and it cannot get more complicated in life. We all share these challenges and my goal is to share my knowledge and give back for all of those people in my life that have moved me forward.

We are talking about tough personal business situations that are real and need to be dealt with.

Some of the issues we have discussed include:

  • Interview preparation, being on time, Knowing exactly where you’re going to park and who to ask for, dressing properly, researching the interviewers and company and much more. Why and how people blow interviews and specific examples with our HR Guests.
  • Discrimination, the various forms of workplace and interviewing discriminations, Retaliation when is it appropriate, what types of outcomes you may expect through the experiences of a SME witness in wrongful terminations. We spent significant time discussing Ageism as well, condescending and patronizing younger bosses.
  • ATS Applicant Tracking Systems and AI Artificial Intelligence and how they have impacted the way resumes are reviewed which leads us into:
  • Resume writing in the digital world, customizing your resume, key word inclusion, misrepresentations and the bad effects, “hiding” your age.
  • Job postings and descriptions and how unreal and unrealistic followed up with my resume has entered the Black Hole.

Who is this “Expert?”

Few recruiters have dedicated an entire career to recruiting or recruited while in College – Mark Rowbottom is one of them. Since opening his own doors in 1988, Mark has successfully operated various staffing firms, more recently Rowbottom Partners. Mark’s no-nonsense approach has won the admiration and loyalty of his firm’s clients and many candidates have become personal friends.

In addition, the “Ask The Expert” section on the ROW site will allow you to access the invaluable experience of all our Board members.

The Rowbo Show will address issues faced by recruiters as well as employers and job seekers.  You will get concrete solutions and suggestions.

At some point in time, we are all faced with problems and or challenges that stump us. In these new and unique problematic situations – where can one turn?

  • ASK THE EXPERT: Problems that are occurring in your day may feel unique to you, but odds are we have seen it before.

Let’s get real: You’ve had issues in the past – you will have them again.  Let us give you the help you deserve so you can move on.

Got a problem?  Please send it to me and let’s get to work on a solution.


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