Join ROW @9 AM Jan. 16th as ROW President leads Reflection on 2017

ROW – 2017 Year end from the President.

As the year closes out for 2017, I have been reflecting back on my personal performance and my business in general.

There were certainly high points and some fortunate deals but what is really jamming my joy this holiday season is the 2 deals my “clients” screwed me on – blatantly and intentionally. This is not about the details of those 2 situations. It is about how those deals have had a huge impact on our year.

Those 2 deals would have been our pure profit for 2017– they are chopped right of the top of year end revenue totals.

Recently, I had a conversation with another long tenured business owner and recruiter who had also been shocked to find 2 of her clients hired referrals without paying in 2017. This had never occurred before in her 30 years of business.

I am concerned because in our business this is the new norm.

In January on Tuesday the 16th at 9am we will be having a stimulating discussion on how to avoid getting your profits stolen from you and/or your firm. This will be at Blue’s Egg and resumes our BYOB Buy your own Breakfast series from 2017 – only now we meet and eat at 9am and not 7am!