November Education Session a Roaring Success

Thank you to all the Recruiters who attended the Nov. 13 education and training event with Todd Bossler of Top Echelon!  I’m sure I speak for everyone in attendance when I say that social media has been demystified.  It was also invaluable to take a step back and evaluate where a recruiting website may lack in productivity and getting users to where we want them to go.

As a refresher, the main “Secret Sauce” ingredients for a recruiting website are:

1.  Your message:  Get it straight  –  Be sure your website utilizes all possible words and phrases to get your target audience to you!

2.  Content is king, recency is queen  –  It may be obvious that content on the website should be current and relevant, but frequent updates (possibly via blog) will ensure that search engines display recent time stamps to assure those searching that information is fresh.

3.  Call to action links (CTAs)  –  We need to get users to the “meat” as efficiently as possible.  Make it simple and obvious!

4.  Mobile ready (responsive)  –  Our websites will inevitably be viewed on mobile devices, and we need to be absolutely sure that our content can be digested in that space.

Nov 2014Click the link for more info about Hiring Hook, Top Echelon’s recruiting website design service.

What a group!  Has anyone taken action on the strategies Todd presented?

If you missed the event, be sure to join us in February 2015!